Activist Librarian/Bibliotecario Activista

Juan Carlos Vega, MLS

As a Librarian and Information Specialist, I look to broaden my experiences and knowledge of information sciences and library skills in ways that move my profession into the 21st century.  My purpose as an Activist Librarian is to translate into action and steps to create change, information that otherwise would get lost among the information bombardment that we encounter every day.  I take into consideration language and geographical characteristics and uniqueness when approaching the work.  My title is a direct action as a community advocate utilizing technologies, along with librarian and information skills, for social and health justice causes and community advocacy among disenfranchised groups in Puerto Rico and the United States.

My work pays special attention to library access, social justice and health disparities among communities of color and LGBTT populations, and addresses how the lack of information and resources directly affect the health, social and economic parity for these communities.  I am constantly exploring the role that information and libraries play in community development  and engagement.

My involvement in health promotion began in 2001 when I transitioned into the non-profit world after 10 years of working for academic libraries and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.  My experiences in health issues include tobacco, alcohol, obesity and nutrition, cultural competency, influenza, cancer, and health disparities.  I have managed special libraries at the National Latino Council on Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention (LCAT), The Praxis Project, the Art Museum of Puerto Rico, and the Sila M. Calderón Foundation.  After living and working for 17 years in the United States, I returned to my native Puerto Rico to be closer to my family, volunteer my time to local health and social justice causes, and enjoy yoga and the beach to keep a happy life.  During that time, I submerged myself in establishing community partnerships and coalitions like the Citizens Alliance Pro LGBTTA Health of Puerto Rico and the Consortium of Electronic Libraries of Puerto Rico.  I relocated to Washington, D.C. on July 1, 2016.

Hablo español. Soy completamente bilingüe.


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